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04.05.2011, 00:26
Neue Bilder. Kommt es mir so vor, oder haben sie erneut graphisch zugelegt? :gruebel


04.05.2011, 00:33
Jo technisch haben sie auf jeden Fall nochmal eins draufgelegt, nicht nur graphisch.

Freue mich schon sehr auf das Spiel, nach der DA:2 Enttäuschung und dank des Sequel Celebration Events das mich dafür mit ME2 entschädigt hat, welches keineswegs perfekt aber doch sehr gut ist, bin ich ein Fan der Serie. Gibt mittlerweile schon einiges an Info im Netz, zB über Squadmembers.
Demnach sollen Garrus, Ashley/Kaidan, Legion, Wrex, Mordin, Liara, Anderson und ein neuer namens James Sanders vorkommen. Allerdings werden wahrscheinlich einige von ihnen keine vollständigen Mitglieder sein sondern nur auftauchen (bei Anderson bestätigt).

04.05.2011, 08:48
Ich freu mich auf den dritten Teil.

04.05.2011, 21:16
Kommt doch erst im 1. Quartal 2012 raus. Und neue Screenshots.


04.05.2011, 21:22
Quelle für die Info bitte :)

04.05.2011, 21:24
Klick. (http://social.bioware.com/forum/1/topic/129/index/7294706)

09.05.2011, 00:24
Aus dem neuen PC Gamer:

-Tali is a confirmed squadmate
"Garrus, Liara, Kaidan, Ashley and (newly confirmed) Tali are all full
time members of your team if they survived the previous games."

"I asked point blank about Wrex and got as close to a 'no' as I think Bioware will come at this early stage: exceutive producer Casey Hudson simply re-emphasised that such characters canplay a role and fight alongside you without necessarily being permanent squad members."

-No new Romance in ME3

-Biotics are more potent in combat
"Biotics can use their Pull ability to rip a shield out of someone's hands"

-Multi Layered combat areas
"The games combat spaces have graduated from the often-familiar open areas dotted with low walls. They're now multi layed encouraging you to seek high ground for a better vantage point...[the rest is about Cerberus rocket boot dudes using this to their advantage]

-class Specific Melee attacks
Engineer: Omni-tool fire lash attack
Adept: Melee (biotic) attack that knocks everyone near them away and stuns

-Powers Evolve more than once
"In ME3 this is just the start. A Vanguard player can customise their devastating Charge move first to slam people harder, then do more damage, then to reduce the cooldown.

-Powers combine
Example given with Soldier: "Soldier still has an arcing attack called Concussive Shot, but it now behaves differently depending on the ammo ugrade he/she is using. Cryo ammo lets you use that same trajectory to deliver a blast of ice that canfreeze every enemy in the area."

-Story is more like ME1 than ME2

-Places being visited (at least what the Magazine reports):
[...]mission takes you to the Salarian homeworld, the Quarian homeworld, the Asari homeworld, and the human homeworld - Earth. You'll even go to Mars [...]

-Every major character you have met will play a role in the last game

-Why is Cerberus after Shepard? They are working with the Reapers
"If your wondering why we were fighting Cerberus, having worked closely with this shadowy organisation in Mass Effect 2, the answer just raises further questions. They are wokring with the Reapers"

-Reaperized enemies include Asari, Krogan, Rachni
"In Mass Effect 3 we'll fight the Reapers other experiments, with other species.
One is a hideously bloated pregnant Asari, her gums stripped away and a robot skeleton showing through her rotting flesh"

"The Reapers take on the Rachni, who were already viscious insect monsters,are covered with bulging savs of lesser creatures. Rather than hitting their weak spot for massive damage, you want to avoid it like the plague: bursting any of these sacs before the creature is dead wit will unleash a swarm of horrible mini-rachni that crawl all over your body"

"The Reaperised Krogan wears heavy armor plates that can shear off with enough focused fire. Once you do the creature changes its behaviour to be more defensive clutching its lurid blue intestines to its stomach as its lumbers towards you"

"One Reaper creature draws life force from anything that dies near it.
The time-honoured strategy of taking out the easy enemies first ends up
being counter-productive: you make the creature stronger than it would
have been with its allies alive."

Casey Hudson summarizing ME3 (This is an article quote):
"Casey sums up Mass Effect 3 as being about victory through sacrifice, the scale of that sacrifice has been increasing with each new chapter" [Rest is authors speculation about saving(or not saving) Wrex and Rachni consequences

Here are a few more quotes from the article about combat.

"To deal with the last few elites, Shepard [using the freezing concussion shot] freezes them solid to hold them still, then lines up sniper shots exactly through the eye-slits in their shields."

"Put a shield in front of an enemy, and suddenly the ability of the engineer class to place a combat drone behind someone and blow it up gains a new significance. Namely, knocking a guy on his face and shooting him in the head."

"Shepard commando-rolls out of the elite's way - a new move, by the way - and sneaks behind a partition running alongside the main corridor. Liara springs out of cover and pins the elite with a biotic singularity, while Garrus snipes him from cover. Neither kills the elite, but now Shepard is behind him. Rather than fire, he lashes out with his omni-tool, which emits a blade of flame that cuts through the elite's exposed back. He drops."

Und eine Zusammenfassung bisheriger Infos:

• The mining mini-game won’t be abandoned completely.
• Skill trees to be larger.
• The Normandy has been refitted. [GI]
• Reapers have different sizes, ranging from 500-600 meters of the smaller ships to the 2km for Harbinger. [ESP]
• Customization will be more extensive. [PS3M]
• Combat areas are now multi-layered. [PCG]
• Melee attacks will gain more focus.
• NG+ will be a hybrid of ME1's and ME2's. You can go back and finish some stuff in the post-game.
• The Reaperised krogan wears heavy plates, while the asaris have a bloated...belly? [PCG]
• Tricia Helfer, who voice acted as EDI in ME2, will be back for ME3.
• Seth Green to voice act Joker in Mass Effect 3.
• ME3 will be more difficult than ME2 [GI]
• The cinematic sense of scale will be greater. [GI]
• Some squaddies will return as permanent ones, while others as temporary. [GI]
• Game speed improved by 10-15%, you won't stay in cover for too long. [ESP]
• Writers are discussing about how to resolve the Liara/Aethyta storyline in ME3.
• Cerberus Troops will include 'Phantoms' and 'Assassins' [PS3M]
• The Tech Armour will return, but the visuals may change.
• You have more to buy in stores and loot.
• Jack will be wearing a shirt, and her hair "won't be as shaved".
• Mass Effect 3 will not end like a traditional war story (Kick enemy's ass, proceed to celebrations) [PS3M]
• In ME3's story structure, the objective will not be clear, you will be gathering clues in order to solve a puzzle. [PS3M]
• Biotics are more potent in combat. [PCG]
• ME3 might have 3D.
• ME3 may have timed decisions.
• London will be featured.
• Space battles. [ESP]
• Some of the bosses will need to be lured into specific locations in order to be destroyed. [PS3M]
• We will see more alien species in ME3.
• Wrex will be a temp squadmate, not a permanent one. [PCG]

09.05.2011, 09:32
Ich habe es ja geschafft das im Teil II zwie Leute vo mir bei der letzten Mission verreckt sind.
Einmal Legion und dann noch der Kroganer. :fft

09.05.2011, 18:08
Danke für die Infos!!

Ich will Legion als Squadmate, der Typ hatte so viel Potenzial aber kam viel zu spät in's Spiel.

Keine neuen Romanzen finde ich gut, der Rest klingt mal vielversprechend.

03.06.2011, 00:16
Mass Effect 3 plays like a shooter. (http://uk.xbox360.ign.com/articles/117/1172082p1.html)

Oh fuck...