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20.05.2011, 13:57
Venom Mage
1. A stalker who got frustrated over always forgetting things, and went straight for poison magic. Starts with a young poisoner's handbook.
2. Except not any more because new stalker is a weird stabbing transmuter!


Aquatic life can survive in these. Cute, isn't it... that electric eel splashing around in the water. Drink the water, yes.

20.05.2011, 14:03
1. Your future!
2. http://flash.grandi.biz/puolipiste_alaviiva_puolipiste.swf
3. = imp + bow

Ugly Thing
2. Ugly things can swim. They can swim very quickly. They can swim very quickly and catch you. Tip: You do not want them to catch you.
3. They're harmless only in <=0.5; in 0.6, they spend most of the time in their brown form, emulating brown ooze and gangbanging your gear into deep -4ness.

20.05.2011, 15:00
1. Midgame Sigmund! If you don't have rElec, go away. If you do have rElec, go away. In either case, just use curare. Kill him for his cloak and gloves and sabre of elec!
2. Nikola yells, "Danger! Danger! High voltage!"

1. Not even sorear has died to this one yet. These crafty beasts have managed to outwit lemuel 2 times!
2. The sheep is almost dead. It is moving slowly, bewildered and confused, poisoned and covered in liquid flames.
3. Flammable! Try sticky flame on a pack of them

1. Another one of the three main causes of early-game mage death, thanks to spawning fairly often with either darts, stones, or a blowgun+poisoned needles. Melee characters should not need to worry too much unless the kobold is using curare-tipped needles.
2. Agents of the Distortion, Venom, Draining, Electrocution, Holy Wrath, and Curare Delivery Service.
3. Also a player race, noted for their piddly health, carnivorous tendencies and general excellence.

Ädit: Bei Kobolden sehe ich das mit Punkt 3 exakt so, grade mit Magiern bin ich immer ganz geil auf ihre Waffen, hoffe jedesmal auf Venom :D

20.05.2011, 18:44
<Stoats> mimics are the worst monster because they hit you for emotional damage :(

20.05.2011, 22:45
1. A summoner. His name is Eustachio. You killed his favorite bat. Prepare to die. In 0.8, now found from D:4 to D:10!
2. In trunk, you killed his favourite rat instead.
3. Beware his glorious mustache! Not to be confused with pistachio.